I've got NYLON-ed!

iLast month I got the competition announced on my newborn lovely magazine's twitter account, NYLON Indonesia. That competition was about the Art issue which will published on August (yes, this month issue). The competition attempted to give us free giveaway, a Sony Ericcsson Android hand phone. All you have to do is making an artwork, in any media, and send it via post to the magazine's office address.

I was so in love with anything manufactured from that manufacturer and so did I made an artwork, with some practices before, and sent it to that magazine's address. I never wonder my artwork will be featured in that so cool magazine, and because I made it in a hurry, the artwork seemed a bit lame. I had no time to scan it to my computer and edited it in Photoshop, like I used to did. So I sent my pre-edited, unfinished artwork to them. Embarassing.

But then I did it! They featured my artwork on their issue, par avion page which contains any comments from the readers, means everyone will see it. It really surprised seeing my lousy artwork in one page with another cool artworks. Next time I have to be more careful.

They got my name on it.

Oh and the competition isn't finished yet, so I still have chance to get the present, that Android phone. I hope (even if it seems impossible) I'll get that giveaway. xoxo


WOW Thank you!