And Here Comes Alice (Again)

I told you in my previous post how much I love the kids' illustrated book. In fact, the reason why I put so many illustration in my blog is that I'm in the middle of practicing the children illustration thing. Not every illustration here is for children, though.

And I really love Alice In Wonderland. That whimsical feeling is a great influence in my artworks. By the way, I made this piece by accident. I didn't mean to draw Alice, though. But it just turned like this.

Another Alice In Wonderland?

Somehow I just can't see that my illustration is "children" enough. The color maybe bright, but the pictures..uhm..let me think.  It's pretty whimsical. Or can you decide and give me advice about it? It'll be priceless to me.

Behind the process.
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Here are my older Alice(s), if you want to check it out, please click:

Oh, and happy weekend. :)


  1. I'm very into Alice, myself. I finished my White Rabbit painting just a little while ago, and I'm gearing up to tackle the Cheshire cat (and making my daughter my Alice... which means Alice will be a redhead!)

    Lovely illustration! I like it!

  2. Asalamu alaikum,

    Thx for sharing.

    Look out for my "After Hajj" post coming soon! Your wise words welcomed..

    Take Care

  3. From my "children" view, the percentage of "children" thingy is about 85%, I think for kids we need more cheerful alice, not with that "flat" face (or can I say, gaban expression? hhe) -let me ask to Keke about this illustration when I go to Tanjungsari :)-

    Over all, really looove this illustration, I'm still in wonderland right now, dew :) So muuuch whimsical stuff happened, xixixi. The important thing is, I really miss you -apalagi tanpa chitchat di BB coz BBku mati-charger ilang-belum beli- hheu.

  4. Yes,it's Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne and Peach Girl...;-)

  5. Love this! Sending love from New York City, hope you are well. Please follow me! & like me on Facebook! If you have bloglovin, we should follow each other!


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