The Nusakambangan Project

So there's a small island south of Cilacap, Indonesia. The name's Nusakambangan. Despite its famous title as "the Indonesian Alcatraz", it also a tourism object that you might want to see. But well, it only has beach and ancient ruins from the Portuguese's conqueror era, it's quite worth to see. In addition, I don't really like beach. Because you know, I don't like to be wet, and I don't like to swim. It's a thing that only the lazy-bones could understand. lol.

Btw these are some photos we took from the island.

A view from the boat: there's a Pertamina ship! Woo hoo.

Okay. This is narcissism.

The Portuguese ruins.
The "Karang Bolong" view from the beach.

You know, somehow it felt like we were in the Blair Witch Project scene. A film about three students who travel to the woods to find evidences about the Blair Witch or something (click HERE if you're curious). And it was three of us, two boys and a girl (it's me). So the atmosphere was really remind me of the film, which is creepy.

The way to the beach is not far. But it's rough.

They are the players of the Nusakambangan project episode :P
The woods is quite thick. It reminds me of the Blair Witch Project.

But forget about it, I always love the woods. Surrounded by big trees everywhere? Yes, please!

Surrounded by the trees.
Anyway, I couldn't find any trace of the Alcatraz thing. Nusakambangan island is quite small, but pretty big to be conquered by foot. Hmm I still curious about the jail thing. Where's that actually? Hee hee. See you on the next vacation (that I rarely do myself).

*Pardon for the un-tidied-up words. This is a super-fast post, fyi. I'm in the rush!

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  1. Asseeekkk.
    Ngapak Lady in Action.
    btw, U ever said if travelling to the beach is resentful.
    so, does your opinion change?


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