Swatch Switch (My Smart Phone Screed)

As you know, my Nexus 5 was broken several days before 2017. I know, it's like an ugly ending for him (I called my phone as "him" lol) and I was sad because he's been with me for almost 2 years. I haven't use the same mobile phone for more than 2 years until him. Not a bragging but nowadays people got bored with smart phone like 5 seconds after they purchased it, considering there are a lot of new type of smart phone offered in the market in a year. Me? My problem with smart phone is not that "boring" thing, it was simply because I couldn't use it anymore (broken stuff). Like, I purchased Samsung three times and they are running out of battery too soon (talking about defect battery life). My Blackberry track pad is also broken I couldn't use it anymore. Lately my Nexus was broken because I dropped him like too often and finally I couldn't turn him on until now. Clumsy me :(
My Broken Nexus 5 :(
Me and my Nexus 5 has a special relationship. After I got him, I never have the urge to buy another phone. I'm a regular Android user, tho. I don't build programs whatsoever so probably I like him very much because of his looks, his interface (slightly different from regular Android phones, the "back" button is on the left - I'm not a lefty tho), and his 'hipster'-ish feeling because he's so rare now. He's so nice to hold on my tiny hand, and I used to tired holding my mobile phone all the time until him. So, having him broken was a great loss for me.

Greater loss when I remember that I only have it backed up on October, so the data after that is erased. Including my parents' photos taken in Bali (have another photos on my Sony Cyber-shot DSC TX20 but not too many left there). I once left my Nexus 5 on a cab while arriving at the airport. Lucky me, the man in the information center lend me his phone so I could call my own phone and the cab's driver picked it. He was kindly return to the airport and handed me back my phone alhamdulillah. I was like, should I have a back up phone? Nowadays people have more than one phone. But NO. I always bring my laptop everywhere and my number is connected to my emails (mostly connected every way, including my social medias - security risks talking) so I'll stay with only one number - one only way to reach me (and I rarely pick up any phone-call lol sorry).

I then bought another Android phone, VIVO Y51i. I wasn't really sure when I purchased it because I only picked one in a rush and not thinking thoroughly. I need mobile phone like I need rice or air (too extra here lol). So after I purchased it, I didn't really satisfied but what choice do I have. It doesn't look very nice but since I am not an Apple fan - and almost every brand new smart phone looked like Apple's "epigon" (what's "epigon" in English? lol, maybe like "super copy", follower thingy) - so I got it going for me. Its battery life is superb I hardly recharge it in a day. But unfortunately, it frozen like hundred times every time I overuse it - I am a hardcore smart phone user with a bunch of apps installed in it so having a frozen phone always get me mad easily.
Vivo and my thought about it.
I need to find another phone, right? And this Vivo is like a temporary switch, I maybe give it to my Dad (my Dad isn't a smart phone user but I'll make him one) or Mom after getting a new one. They don't use too many apps so it'll be a great deal then.

I was actually into the next Google's Nexus: you know Pixel. But it is so DAMN expensive! Like, I could have 5 Vivo Y51i in exchange of one Pixel alone. And then the most disappointing thing is: it also looked like another iPhone's epigon. Duh! I'm sorry for saying this because this is only my point of view. I am a loyal user of Google but seeing Pixel is like holding my enthusiasm back. My friend has it first and I kind of interviewed him how it's like using Pixel. He said the photo result was superb (just meet my taste), but the battery life is not so great. I was thinking that battery life is one factor, because I am too lazy bringing my power bank everywhere. Also, I always forget to recharge it so what use having your empty power bank everywhere :(

And so I stop thinking about purchasing Pixel. Too pricey for an Android phone, I'm sorry. Maybe next time when its price went lower, I'll think about it again (I purchased Nexus 5 after it's been out like 3 years lol so it wasn't as pricey as when it first came out). First rule, I'm not a fan of best smartphone with ultra features, I'll consider the price first. And its battery life, too. And ah, looks is important. I should hold it ergonomically comfortable in my tiny hand. Lastly, it should be black. Or I'll make it black if I could freely customized it (My Nexus 5 is actually white, but I changed its back cover into black).

So after a month using Vivo, I finally decided to buy (chuckles) my very first iPhone. I know, this is like a huge deal for me. I say I'm not a fan of Apple - considering like, a billion people using it, and its design is not meeting my fancy but heck there's no other option! And it's also over priced for me. I could purchase another Nexus 5 but then now it became mediocre (considering its price is under my Vivo) and everything in the market is preloved. (I don't buy preloved; I never know what happen to it before me, someone probably spitted on it or had it thrown into a disgusting place I'll never know - so I insist buying new stuff of everything).
Introducing my iPhone. I called it "iTweedledew" lol.
They say a bunch of good thing over iPhone. It never freeze, its camera has superb quality (considering the not-so-big number of megapixel resolution), and also I could finally buy music - I feel guilty listening to the mp3s without having to pay - as an artist, I don't like people stealing my artwork so why do I steal music from them? And I tell you, it was funny when the first three days after purchasing my iPhone, I didn't touch it at all and I still using my Vivo lol. First, my SIM card is micro and I need to convert it to the nano version before I could insert it to my iPhone. Secondly, it's hard to maintain two phones since I need to readjust myself with their interface. And switching from one to other is too troublesome so I think I'll never have more than one phones. The third, (I think it's a ridiculous reason) I feel like betraying something I've been loyal to lol. I mean, I'm so Google (I use blogspot and Youtube for instance). Using its competitor product is like a betrayal lol.

Then on the forth day I finally use my iPhone. I didn't really into Safari so I switched it to Chrome, signed into it and syncing everything. So I basically using Google, Android-ly way, on my iPhone. Lately I realized that my Vivo has a very similar interface with my iPhone! So it turns out I've been trained to use iPhone far before I decided to purchase one :(

I swatch everything before deciding to buy one. Except the Vivo. Vivo was bought through a rush decision and I personally thank it for taking my main smart phone place before iPhone. It's not bad, and it's so easy to use for an affordable smart phone. But I need more. Maybe my Dad or Mom will get a good use of it. (And now I bizarrely sad over a phone lol). 

This is me, overthinking everything. Small thing like picking a smart phone - actually this is important because nowadays smart phone is like a half life. You create your mini-me inside it and when it broken, it's like your heart is also broken (mine feels like that). I only hope that this one will long last. I mean I have to take care of my chosen phone and get a good use of it. And think about it: I carefully choose my smart phone, picky as hell over it - and it only goes on my grip. Wonder what will I do when choosing "other" thing lol.

Until then.

*the background texture I used on my picts is taken from Pinterest.

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