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How well do you know your kid?

You might know very well, that’s probably your answer. You meet him/her everyday. Of course you know him/her. You know what his/her favorite breakfast is, you know how sloppy he/she is about his/her laundry, and you know he/she always seek for grandparents’ approval (for extra allowance) for anything when you don’t give one. You know him/her that well!

But then look it this way, how much time in that day, that you really meet your kid? One to two hours before school, and then six to seven hours after school - you don’t count his/her sleeping hours, tho. That makes it nine hours. Nine hours times six days is fifty four. Add weekend to your calculation, if he/she doesn’t have any plan outside the house then it’ll add up to sixteen hours. So you only got seventy hours per week, facing your kid. And you don’t even talk that long. You probably have that quality time with him/her one to three hours per day. That makes twenty something hours per week. What does your kid do while he/she doesn’t talk to you? Do you know his/her friends? Off line or on line?

This is surely what makes a big question for parents (especially when they have teenagers in household) after watching this movie: Searching.

(In this you won’t find a common review about the movie, I just want to share my feeling towards it here).

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No, no. Do not stalk your kids right now. Kids have privacy, too (some parents don’t give one until they reach eighteen at least). But the point is, the movie is really mind blowing! Some reviewers said they have predicted the plot but for me it was crazy thrilling. Not the usual thrilling, but this is like online thrilling (what term is this lol).

I get a lot by watching it. Like, I have to be careful with teenagers (considering what kind of teenager I was in the past - not so much I want for my kids attitude lol), and also that being a parent is HARD! It needs a lot of work and consent and faith. Up until now I still have insecurities what kind of parent I would be.

I have a lot of questions:
What if my teenager hates me? What if he/she keeps secret from me? What if he/she goes the wrong way and I don’t know? What if he/she stops believing in our beliefs? What if he/she gets psychological damage in any way and I don’t know it?

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Surely, those are what haunting me as a parent-to-be.

And talking about insecurities, teenagers have a lot of that. I don’t know about this day teenagers, apart from Youtube-ish and Tiktok-ish stuff (or Halilint*ar vlog stuff, which I don’t get why teenagers today like them -_-) but what I know is I need to be prepared to keep up with their era. When I was a teen, I like a lot of stuff my mother didn’t approve. Like Agnezmo or Meteor Garden (oh yeah they were very famous back then). I was upset at the moment. But then, I also always upset about everything. Hormones, puberty, I don’t know much about them. And those things can only be understood when I reached this age. This parent-to-be age. Of course your parents at the moment always told you over and over again: don’t do this and don’t do that, you’d understand why when you have kids one day. But in the past, my teenager phase would be like, meh, it’s still long way to go to be old. Alakazam! Now I am that old. And I wish I could understand it sooner.

See I just couldn’t stop imagine how to make my kids understand sooner than me. Because it didn’t happened to me in the past.

Man, will I have a child as stubborn as me? With attitude issue as me? Lol I just wish my kids would be more like my husband than me, in a way. And kids, I wish they don’t grow up too fast. Because when they do, I’ll do, too. Haha. I’m kidding.

Back to the movie we were talking about, well, if you like “silent” thriller like Gone Girl, bet you’ll like this one, too. Trivia is, you’ll know more how to use your computer (with the internet) after this haha. Keep up to date. It’s important, in this movie, it could probably save your kid’s life.

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