Get In Touch Again

Last two days, my friends and I had attended the 2nd International Seminar of Chemistry (ISC), held in our campus, at Aula Pusat Studi Bahasa Jepang (PSBJ) - Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia. The first seminar was held 4 years ago, while we were still student and didn't attend officially. Actually for this year, we also didn't have any plan to attend it at the first place, but since we had nothing to do (yeah, we're still categorized as jobless, because our job training hasn't started yet), and the seminar provided certificate, we decided to take a part as attendant.

The global theme for this year seminar was "Chemistry for the better future". We got guest lecturers from U.S.A, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Turkey, Germany, and the Netherlands, and of course Indonesia (our own lecturers, so nostalgic). It was kind of awkward having a lecture again after several months we didn't attend any class. And this time, it was international class. So of course, they used English. But even if they speak with the same language, English, yet they speak it differently. I mean, they got different accent and it was interesting to have everything performed in the same room. I honestly have to struggle to understand the talk, especially for the Australian - I mean, he talk so fast! After all am not a native speaker. lol.

And nah, I wouldn't talk about what was in the talk because it didn't fit with the theme of my blog, did it? I guess I'll talk a bit about this on my other blog. Once the Pikaland, an illustration website said that in order to improve our drawing skill, one way is to draw a person a day. And in the seminar we got a lot of interesting people, and also foreigner. So I didn't waste my chance to draw their sketch. Here are them:

Marked by the country flag:
The Netherlands: Dick B. Janssen : enzyme and biotechnology, a little organic chemistry
Australia: Robert P. Learmonth : biotechnology
U.S: Brian P. Coppola : chemistry education
Japan: Ikuo Fujii : biochemistry, immunology and bioinformatics (fit perfectly with my final project! How nostalgic)
Germany: Evamarie Hey-Hawkins : nanotechnology
Turkey: Ayhan Bozkurt : membranes and fuel cells

This universe is diverse, that's what I realize while seeing and drawing each speaker. But when we talk the same language, we could share and discuss like no borders. Well, here are some pics we got from the event:

First day of seminar was like pathetic, we were late so we seated in the second story. This photo is what exactly could be seen on the seminar. Fortunately, the second day, we have a good seat - and view. 
Goodie bag always bring happiness, especially for me. And the tote bag is quite cool.
The certificate. Someday we may need it.
A little pose before leaving the seminar room. From left to right: me, Jimmies, Dara, Ve, Dewi (she's also Dewi, but she's not me :P).
You know this may be a little weird, but attending this seminar - means get in touch with chemistry again - is made me like, I miss studying chemistry - especially biochemistry. And I miss attending classes, college, my lecturers, friends, and even the tests! I think, if someday I get a chance to enter college, for master degree, I won't decline it. Well it just a may be. :)


  1. So cool! I like your diverse people drawings!! And I like your certificate... :)

  2. Sounds very good event, you are such a lucky girl can attend :)

    White Honeyr

  3. aaarrrggg gara" pulang suluan jadi ga ada foto akunyaaa... T^T


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