DIY Pinkat Bolsters

As rainy season has coming on his way... this freezing air is really something to me. All I want to do is just laying on my bed, get covered with my blanket and anything will do to get warm.

So this idea came to me, I made this bolsters to make myself even warmer. Actually I was inspired by an article written on Teal cat Project website, they promoted their cat dolls product and I felt like I could make one. But! I'm so sorry I didn't write the instruction in proper words so I just post the step-by-step images. Check these out, it's quite easy. :D
Supplies needed
The pattern
Cut the fabrics
Sew and hem the edge of fabrics, leave 10 cm opened on the back.
Sew the bow, fill it up.
Set the eyes, bow and nose.
Fill the doll up, sew the opened edge to close.
The sewing technique used: 1. The first one for the mustache, 2. the second one for the tracing before sewing with machine, 3. the last for finishing the open edge.
Let Pinkat embrace yourself in this brrrainy season! :D


WOW Thank you!