a Woman in Kimono

Juriko's blog has always bring on her unique illustration of mostly, desk and something similar, which is simple yet lovely in colors. I already followed her blog and her works are always gorgeous. And then several days ago, I noticed her post about Hooka's desk. She gave an invitation to send her any picture of desk, in this case, our own desk, to be illustrated by her. Well of course I'm so excited, so I email-ed her a photo my desk. Although my desk is a bit messy, I think it'll be exciting to see what she's going to capture the image on her illustration. But then I think, wouldn't it'll be more exciting if she challenge me back? Well we are both love to make drawings so we should challenge each other in order to get the excitement. And then after several emails, she accepted it! So that means, she also gave me challenge, to make a drawing of her portrait. We called it an "artwork-barter" (couldn't find another name for it lol).

This is very exciting, besides, she gave her portrait wearing a cute kimono (did I mentioned that she is a Japanese?)! Whoa..as a Japan-culture lover, I couldn't be more excited. She's gorgeous in the picture and her kimono is so colorful. So fun to draw! And here's the image I made for her:

A kimono-girl! I want to wear it someday. hee hee
I made it by my pencil drawing and a little photoshop in the finishing. And just now I've received a link from her on twitter, that she's already upload the image. (She's busy but she managed to finish her artwork in no time. Glad for it) And I Loooove it. It looks simple yet cute, and love the color and also the details! Well done, Juriko! And big thank you for the pics. Want to know what has she captured from my desk in her illustration? Go straight to her blog here:

Well again, if you want to exchange your artwork, give challenge to me so I could challenge you back, please don't hesitate to email me here. I'll be happy as long as I'm not busy working. :P



  1. Hi Dewi! Thank you for a lot of sweat words!
    (I want to be good at English more! practice practice:p)
    This work is so nice. You draw its details delicately.
    Your works have flesh feeling, very healthy.
    I like that point very much.
    It comes from yourself.


WOW Thank you!