I have no sister. Okay, I have my best friends in behalf of this "sisters" place. But you know I sometimes imagine what is it like to have sisters. Is it fun, or is it a curse? :P You maybe own a person to play your barbie doll with, or to play cooking, or to talk some cheesy gossips with, or the most important thing, to brag your stuff with. Well I have two brothers and they never let me to brag about my new clutch, or my new accessories, or my brand new make up (As if!). But I proud of them anyway. Besides, I still have my mom to talk with. I brag everything to her. Sometimes she bored with my bragging thing but come on, bragging will not make you look good in your friends' eyes. They will consider you as an arrogant lady. So, the safest person to brag is your very own mom. :D

And oh she's also like to play make up to my face since she's some kind of make up artist. Man.. I honestly hate it. :P

Playing make up with your sister.
Model: Dakota and Elle Fanning, from W magazine.


  1. cute illustration :)'
    is your mom really a make up artist!! I think that's cool! I love make up and something like that,haha
    and well, i have one brother and one sister they are okay. we spent time together and we almost never had an argue :)

  2. Hi Dewi - wow you draw so well! My favourite of yours is the kimono lady.
    Intriguing how we both think about sisters at the word 'separated'!! I have no sister either.

  3. but she is your mom,just pretend to be happy :D. My mom, she often brought me a stuf or shirt, and it's realy uncool and i hate it, but i wear it anyway to make her happy, but i cover it with my coat or jacket. lol,..

    PS: am i comment stil count as a spam?


WOW Thank you!