The Hiatus has Paused

So after a very long waiting phase.. I finally get that email. I won't say this is an end, or this is over, because it'll be a beginning of my next phase (OH FINALLY!). I remember that I was once a college student, then after graduated, I caught in a hiatus (an euphemism for "unemployed") for more than a year, so I'm so excited for this moment to come.

I actually a little shy because I once bad-mouthed that company. Apologize! So I think the case closed then. I hope that company won't read that post. :P I'm just thinking that when I was ready to let this opportunity go, and try to cope by applying another job, then it suddenly came back to me again without notice. I believe this is a blessing from Allah. Alhamdulillah. Because of this riot, I'm able to learn what "sabar" (patience) and more of sabar means. Although I might won't keep this for long because after all I'm only human, but insya Allah, I'm gonna do my best. :)

Well this is the latest illustration I made on yesterday. I was thinking to make a fashion illustration since the girl I drew was in a fashion-spread on my old magazine. But it just ended up like this. A little whimsical and ghostly at the same time. I doubt it could be categorized as a fashion illustration. But I'm sure this picture describes a lot of my hiatus phase before I finally invited. (I drew it yesterday, means it was before the email came, remember?).

Forest girl. Waiting for something.
Here I also want to tell you readers that I'm afraid I can't get in touch with this blog again. I'll have my job training started in 2 days and probably won't post anything until next month. I hope we'll meet again in not later than January or February 2012, right after I turned 22. :P Wish me luck guys! :)


  1. Congrats!!!
    keep posting!
    it's inspiring!!!!

  2. good luck with your training sis.
    anyway i have figure it out why blogger considered me as spammerrrrr, it's all because my friend activity by using my PC... -_-

  3. I love your drawing and btw what is she waiting for? :)


  4. yes, you complain alot about the company in the previous post, but it's glad to know that they finally call you.
    i understand that you're gonna be busy with your work, so see you next month i'll be missing your drawing,hehe

  5. Hey, I recently come from Melissa's blog. and I find your blog, very good. This illustration is excellent. I congratulate you!

  6. I love your artworks! :D
    Mind to visit my blog? ;)


WOW Thank you!