Elastic Art Block

This is a super quick post, so there will be error here and there. But I need to write this down.
I am stuck. I found it is hard to keep our enthusiasm into art when the art itself has no longer been an interest, but changed into assignment. Yeah, I got this task to make a great publication that will be expensively huge-printed - means, I can't fail this! This made me think, what will happen if only I make my hobbies as my job? It probably won't work for me. Except this blog, this blog always work for me.

So then what I'd do next is just, derping around my friend, G, who has a more neat and commercial vision of publication art. He even made me some graphics which was believed to help my publication to be better looking. The result is I even more confused. He often discussed his work with me, you know, to find another ideas or even just affirmation words. It turns out that it didn't result the same with me. Perhaps I am lack of working together ability. Combining ideas didn't work for me. I got ideas, but I am bad at executions, while he got ideas and then talked about them, but he could make a great execution based on the discussion.

Multitasking story, the routine working on the right and my project on the left (the project is also an assignment from my boss).
AAAARGGH I AM STUCK!! *The deadline itself is originally yesterday evening but I couldn't make it right so the project was delayed by - I don't know - one or two more days. Here I just posted my frustration here, sorry. I wish this art block were not elastic so I don't have to make it stretch to find the flaw and could easily break it with some cool insights. I need new perspective.

Well another story is, the Elastic Heart official video has been uploaded to Youtube since yesterday morning. The video was so scary and sad, yet the lyrics were so deep and relatable. Here's my drawing of Maddie Ziegler, the dancer in the video (you've seen her in the Chandelier, too). I am her fan officially now.

My representation of Maddie Ziegler as seen on Chandelier video clip. Sketch on plain paper using drawing pen 0,7 mm; background texture taken from here.
And I might have thought that we were one
Wanted to fight this war without weapons

I know I am a big procrastinator. Here I just drawn something unrelated with my assignment, only because I am easily distracted for something I like so much. Until then.

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