Revenge: Reviewed!

And so I've watched the Revenge TV series this whole week till they end and now I left in emptiness lol.

Like I said earlier, my hobbies are seasonal. I love drawing so much but after the last illustration, I haven't touch my drawing tools again ever since. This week theme is "movie mania". By movie I don't say the "movie" that has to be watched in the cinema, but they mostly watched in my laptop. Especially the TV movies from the international channel. They make me addicted. Okay you could just say that those are like "sinetron barat" but I tell you that they are very different from ours (wonder why!). The best thing I like about them is they know how exactly to keep us watching without making us boring. Also, they absolutely know how to end the series. I mean, how many of our "sinetron" began with a nice idea and nice plot but then as it keeps going, it started to be confusing until they finally cut it hanging without planning things right? Uhm..
My attempt to draw Victoria Grayson is failed. First, she's too young and chubby. Second, she's less vicious lol.
I actually watched Cinta Fitri before it ended up to be poorly crafted, and I was left confused, bored and disappointed :(

So now about Revenge. They came in 4 seasons, each has 23 episodes. I bought the first season DVDs since 2013 but only decided to watch it in 2015. And then I was so in love. At first it looked like an ordinary soap opera. But as it progressing, it became more and more interesting. And also, do you know that not many movies have a great heroine in it? This movie does. Emily Thorne is badass.

The story is about that very Emily Thorne, whose real name is Amanda Clarke, that has a big well-planned revenge plan towards The Grayson Family who has falsely accused her father, David Clarke, as a criminal responsible for the airplane crash while Emily still 9. Turns out that the airplane crash is a part of a big conspiracy. The revenge plan is so tidy, clever, and interesting (and also wicked) but somehow we'll always support it because The Graysons are evil-er. One by one, Emily took down everyone who took part in that conspiracy and wronged her family in the past. By took down, she did something wicked to make sure the villain got a miserable life.

Victoria Grayson is the main villain of Emily. She was actually Emily's father's lover but she sent Emily to a mental institution when she was a child while David put behind the bars because of the conspiracy. She did every kind of crime a (socialite) woman could commit but frankly, we adore her as much as we hate her. She's so powerful, beautiful and wicked. And she's 50 something but still beautiful and dangerous. She's not always that wicked, though. At times she could be kind, too. But whenever she had a good heart, things got ugly again so she had to do bad things again. And then we'd just, ah okay, she's not Victoria Grayson if she's not wicked lol.
But Emily is good at her thing. She's so smart and fast thinker. She could be very stubborn and annoying, especially when she convince people to support her revenge plan.

It's just amazing seeing those carefully crafted plans work and she's just so invincible. Okay she has terrible time when the plans are almost ruined - but she always manage to make it right again and that's how I like it. They also made us confused as every villain is having a kind-human side, too and we can't really hate them. It's just smart. In our kind of sinetron, the protagonist is always in misery until the end and the villain is super duper evil as if he/ she has no good side lol.

The other characters are also interesting. Conrad Grayson, the very best definition of evil-power-abusive family head (but we know actually that Victoria is more alpha than him lol). We have Daniel Grayson, the first son who is so naive and coward but in the end, he's just clueless. Charlotte Grayson, turns out to be David Clarke's daughter with Victoria Grayson, is as clueless as Daniel and also very innocent - so easy to be influenced. Jack Porter, the childhood friend of Emily who is also having the on and off feelings (and relationship?) for Emily. And don't forget about Nolan Ross, the genius hacker (heroes always have hackers in their team, don't you agree?), the engineer and prop-master of Emily's plan - making technologically crafted unthinkable things. I actually love Nolan Ross, especially his choice of words. Always make me giggles.
But among them all, my favorite character is actually Margaux LeMarchall. The French alpha female darling who has power and dignity, and also tough-strong willed personality. You know if she chose the wrong side she'd probably be a Victoria Grayson's successor. But no, she can never be Victoria. She's too kind and that's how we love her. In the story she is the CEO and owner of a multi billion-gigantic mass media handed over from her father which led us to the dramatic back story which involves her hard relationship with her father - and that is actually what made her to be so tough and fierce. Lovely, right?
Okay so watching a serial takes a lot of patience (and HOURS lol). Sometimes I can't stop. I lost several sleeping hours because I was so curious to know about what happen next! And like I said, they do know how to end things, so when last night the last episode has reached, I was like, "yeayyy it's satisfying!". I became so attached I even make a post about it hahaha (this is the post!). But it's actually really worth to watch. The lesson is also deep.
After all the episodes we watched, we came into one big conclusion, that revenge solves nothing. Revenge only decease our heart, poisoning our soul and hurt our loved ones. Come to think of it, after you're done with your revenge, what's next? We only invite more "revenger" to grow and hunt us. I don't think anyone would fancy that. The biggest courage (which took a bigger effort actually) is to forgive.
Victoria: Margaux, you should make them pay.
Margaux: No, I won't. I'm protecting my soul.
If you like drama, but not that teary and pretty drama, I think you should try to watch Revenge. Au revoir!

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