2012: 22 things before 22

Every time I see the last date on the last month of the last page on my calendar, I feel suddenly excited. Not because it's the end of the year or the new year's eve will soon approach. Well I don't like fireworks (it's too noisy for my ears) or stay up in the middle of the night and actually I don't celebrate new year bash or something like that. It's just, new year means I'll soon have my age grew. Cheesy huh? I love new year!

But, making a recap or kaleidoscopic notes about how I've been doing in the past year to make an introspection or even a resolution is a good thing. Beside, it'll be soon my birthday so I used to make that recap. It's very useful to make yourself improved both mentally and emotionally. Okay, I'll do that in detail when my birthday is coming. Now I'd just make a short recap about how I feel about 2011. Say, 2011 for me is all about my effort to enter the company I've been working for. And don't forget about the illustrations. I made illustrations like crazy while that waiting phase.

* Had a typhus in February
* Had a very long process to enter the company
* Hired as a ghost writer, helping my professor's colleague to do his doctoral thesis
* Had a long waiting phase, curious about my previous job application test
* Had a big love for illustrations, at first it was just to distract my mind from that waiting phase
* Had a big passion for blogging, even bigger
* Had my illustration contributed in NYLON magazine
* Had a small pox with a late diagnose (I've forgiven you, doc! Don't worry)
* My lovely cat was dead
* Waiting phase again, not ended yet
* Losing my expectation about the company, started to apply for another job
* Finally hired and have my job training started since December and afterward (I guess I'll make a special edition for this)

See? 2011 is like a very long hiatus for me. But it's okay now because it ended up like a happy ending. I just wish that 2012 will be more kind to me. It has a good beginning, so I wish it'll end in a good ending. FYI, last year, in my hiatus, I always pray,

"Allah, please don't make me face my 22nd birthday with me still a lame unemployed."

And you know IT'S GRANTED! So..relieved. Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, I actually didn't have any list about "22 things before 22" stuff. I guess I'll write a list about 22 things I achieved before 22. But not right now. I'm still thinking about it.

Last but not least, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2012 please be kind(er) to me. :)

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  1. wohooo happy nuyer dear! anyway i just found your blog and i loveeee all of your sketch! :D you're so talented, would you please make it for me huh?hihihi:p:p


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