Officially Twenty Two

Last 2 days was my 22nd birthday. Never thought that it'll be announced by our class leader in our very class room! So ashamed.. But never mind, I'm still acquaintance to almost everyone in here (read: my work place).

Well like I once said, I used to make a little review about my past year and my expectations about my future year. I reviewed my progress on my way to pursue my dream and try to guess what was threaten me in the past year and I was like, will I survive this year? Am I getting closer to my dream? Will I find anything that I've been searching for? etc.

My introspection+resolution for my 22nd birthday. The image was taken by my friend's blackberry and it's blurry. Pardon this!
Orhan Pamuk once said in his White Castle book: "sometimes you're too afraid to inspect your mistakes". And so did it happened. I did a lot of mistakes, sins, su'udzon stuffs, etc and sometimes I have a hard feeling when I have to admit it. But every year I always renew my promise to be getting better and better. I have to raise my faith, raise my husnudzon feeling, more thankful and of course, more confident.

FYI, I write this post while sleepy because my schedule is very tight these days! But it's okay. Thanks to Ibu and Bapak for always there for me, and give me the biggest support ever while everyone look me down. Thanks to my best friends, thanks for your patience to listen to my childish blabs. And thank you so much for your attention, your prayer, and every wishes you sent to me verbally, by texts, twitter or facebook. That means a lot to me. Seriously! And good luck for y'all, too. May 2012 treat you right. Amiin.

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    and you finally came back,...
    how's about your training dew


WOW Thank you!