Me and Mine

I don’t know if I will post this note or not but if you read this right now, that’ll mean that I posted it (obviously!). Look, recently I’ve been busy thinking. Uhm..let’s say, something about myself, something about my fate, something about ME. Anything with a big words MY followed with that self-centered stuff. That’s the selfish me I (sadly) couldn’t noticed earlier. And during that selfish period, a lot of things happened. Like, something about my younger brother, something about my grand pa, something about my cat.. something.. Well see, the word “MY” keep coming. But now, they are followed by something around, that I totally forgot they are also MINE.

Hangman's hill. This just the world that we live.
This burden, I mean, responsibility, will keep coming and stay on your shoulder. You just have no rights to choose “next time maybe” rather than “now please”. Even if you think that it’s too early for you to take all the responsibility now.

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