The Employee Wears (No) Prada

No no no, I don't have any Prada with me. In fact the closest thing with that so-called branded thing in my closet are perhaps my low price Converse sneakers. Right. This is about the movie: The Devil Wears Prada. I watched it over and over again - especially whenever I feel my (career) life has reached the lowest point and well the best quote I found interesting (and to remind me why I am here for) is:

"A million girls job seekers would kill for this job." (it was said 3 times during the movie).
Warning: I'll mix the story about the movie with my current actual life.

Kendall Jenner as the model. But the outfit resembles our working outfit lol.

So today is apparently the 3rd year of me being here in the company. I mean it's not officially the third year because I've spent the first year (minus 10 days, you know why) only for my job training and the next years until now has been the real job. Well, if you've been on my blog since the beginning where I posted almost anything dramatically special (with a significant amount of whining lol) about how I get this job, you'd know that what I've been through is not always stagnantly nice. It was a lot of dynamics stuff combined into one and another satirical drama. Luckily, this year it wasn't so bad.

Guess what, I think I'm starting to enjoy this.

"She's not happy unless everyone around her is panicked, nauseous or suicidal." - Andy Sachs (Oh I love this sarcastic line).

The moment they told me that I've moved to this city, I was really excited - almost overjoyed (did you forget? perhaps you should read this). Not because that I want to live here, but on my first visit when I have to attend the HSE Mandatory training, I think that this place is not bad comparing the one earlier. I always think that I am supposed to live in an urban (but not metropolitan such as Jakarta) area. And Palembang? Here I am so blessed. You're right, I have a good office, a nice rented room, a very considerable boss, a smart senior, and such good fellas to hang out with. And the food tastes great.

I always told you that office fellas will be only office fellas. No matter how deep you think your relationship with them is, it'll end up surprising. Like finding one thing and another in an always newer shape everyday and you'd be like, "What? I don't think that you are this kind of person". Like reading a suspense-mystery novel that you can never guess precisely what will happened every time you flip the page. But let's face it. People are just like that. All of them, not only the office fellas but your high school mates, your family, even your sibling. So I think we have to be more open minded and never put our expectation too high on them. The less you expect, the less you hurt. *And at this point I am starting to blab too much about how I feel about people - as usual. We just have to live for the moment.

I remember this thing when my recruiter say to me about my first refusal as they offered me this job:

"You have to choose. Nothing would be perfect in every aspect. If your job is good, perhaps your boss is not great. If your boss is great, perhaps your office mates are meanies. If your office mates are kind, be warned of the possibility of your private life is suck."
"Let me know when your whole life goes up in smoke. Means it's time for a promotion." - Nigel.
So this is me. Not everything in my life (as other people are) is perfect, but I still have a huge number of blessing I should thank for (I've made the list on the earlier paragraphs). I guess I just have to live my life with gratitude, and then.. let it flow. Until there is another option and decision to make.
Andy Sachs: I don't think I'm like that. I couldn't do what you did to Nigel, Miranda. I couldn't do something like that.

Miranda Priestly: You already did. To Emily.

Andy Sachs: That's not what I... no, that was different. I didn't have a choice.

Miranda Priestly: No, no, you chose. You chose to get ahead. You want this life. Those choices are necessary.

Andy Sachs: But what if this isn't what I want? I mean what if I don't wanna live the way you live?
Miranda Priestly: Oh, don't be ridiculous. Andrea. Everybody wants this. Everybody wants to be us.

What will happen next? Please watch again the movie. hehe.

Well. That's all.


  1. gambarnya mantep, ekspresinya dapet banget

    1. Komen gambarnya doang T_T kan cuma ilustrasi. But trims :D

  2. i know this movie and i agree with you that hight expectation is sometimes not good for you and for other


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