The Mourning Bay in a Glimpse

Apparently yesterday is my last day of work in Teluk Kabung (I translate it as "The Mourning Bay", but perhaps it's not that suitable lol). The night after, we had this farewell party held by my office mates in a nice and small caffe called Palanta Roemah Kajoe. Did I ever mention that I don't like farewell party or anything alike? (now you know that I have SO MUCH stuff that I dislike -_-). I'm not good with socialization and also hate to do a fake thing as a good-kind-hearted girl because that makes me feel very awkward. Yeah. I'm that kind of creature.

Teluk Kabung

The Mourning Bay is the name of the place as I made fun of its original name because of the surprising fact of my sudden mutation in the late of March 2013. The original name is Teluk Kabung and if you translate it literally it's indeed fit with the English name: The Mourning Bay (Teluk means Bay and Kabung means Mourn). I don't know why the place is named with that sad phrase but let's not talk about that thing. So the first reaction I got when I heard about my mutation that day was, I was upset. Okay I have predicted this mutation, I mean, I wasn't put in a right place from the beginning for God-knows-what reason, but I never have any idea that the place is The Mourning Bay. I've been told sarcastically about how dangerous and anarchy and vandalism and everything-bad the place was. Even one of my friends that seems to be placed in a dangerous area (according to his constant whining and complaining about the place) told me that he was okay because his area isn't that bad compared to The Mourning Bay. And I was like, WHAT?!

The road to Teluk Kabung.
And then I got three days to have my orientation in my new work place and I suddenly felt desperate. This town has no mall, has no cinema, and the most important thing is, has no tongue-friendly cuisine. I mean, I'm a Sundanese and I can't eat coconut milk-ed or saffronized or chili-ed food. I used to eat plain and light seasoned food. But let's forget about that because I can cook on my own to make my own light seasoned meal. Wait. So I have to cook on my own? God. Yes I also placed in a house the company provided and I was all alone, in a not-so-friendly residence. Not bad enough, huh? Well. My house is 24 KMs far from the office and there's no public transportation available and I have no ability to drive or ride so the only choice I have to make is, yeah, I hitchhike.
We can see the sea just next to the narrow road!
So my world was turned upside down in like, only 2 weeks (I told you the moving order was that sudden).

The Office Life

You were right. It wasn't that bad living here. The people were nice but most of them have this special "satirize" thing so we have to decode what they actually mean by their words. I am sorry I don't mean to judge or anything, in fact I think every office life has its own kind divergence. If everyone is nice than who will you be? The nicest kid in town? lol.

Fortunately, and very fortunately, everyone here was so helpful. I must add that the people are not that extroverted and it took me at least two months to adjust and gain their loyalty. Yeah, I have 7 sub ordinates and not everyone was easy to deal with. Especially when they were much older than you. I was 23 and my sub ordinates were averagely 40 years old. Of course they won't give up easily.

Then I also have this not so helpful mate in the same division; we even shared the same room because we have the same job. He was a strange person judging from his moody and childish personality. He was rude he have no ability to choose good phrase when he talk to me and I felt that he didn't trust me in everything. He could easily offended with anything and I was the one who listen to his whining. But sometimes he was nice and he was actually defending me when somebody bad-mouthed about me and told everyone how good I was in the office (so he didn't talk behind my back, which was strange because it was countless how many times I gossip him!). Wow. This was unexpected. Unfortunately, he was that moody so my mood was also switched from good to bad and bitter and better, repeatedly, depending on him. Ugh. That was irritating and I have to endure it months before some day, because of a particular event I couldn't mention here, he was actually turned to be a nice person. It seemed that he was trusted me in the end and the childish thing he was done before, was because he felt so inferior and in-confident. Well I was glad we could understand each other and we made a good team.

Oh and the girls were also nice here. There were only four of us and we were still twenty something so we were very unified.
My boss was also a great help and he trusted me so much in my ability. He also praise me so much (too much!) in front of everyone. Which was unbearable because I wasn't very sincere in doing whatever the tasks ordered to me. (At this point you can see how "unsincere" I am, judging from my writing). I must say, my boss has big dreams. And his dreams and point of view about how much he wants the team to be solid and great was what keeps me strong and endure this mundane life in my office. My parents of course have big parts in my mental strength but my boss (and that strange friend in the previous paragraph lol) have big dreams that keep my working passion bigger.

My House

I won't write about this because it was already explained here.

The Farewell

As I wrote before, last night we have this farewell party in a small, cozy place my friend's owned. The place was nice and there were so many people came to attend I was moved for their kindness. I got two presents from the office fellows and from the employees' wives in my residence. And the best part was my awkward speech at the event. Ugh I think I will be the talk of the town for at least 3 days because of that quirky-awkward moment lol. I felt like a stand-up comedian standing in front of everyone, forgot about my farewell speech, got my hands shaking and brain fart entirely! Okay believe it or not, even if I am not funny at all, I used to make myself looked like a fool when I have to talk in front of everyone, just to get rid of my panic attack (what did they call it? stage fright yes?) and make everyone thinks that I'm doing it on purpose! Haha it's okay they will considered it as a stage act or joke or whatever. (Ouch, looks like I am also a faker? Noooo).

Today, while writing this post, my mind is wondering about how I will face the next place, what kind of people I will meet there, and will I that useful again in the next office? Uhm.. I'm a brooding person. I will over think everything. All I wanna say is, thank you for everyone, thank you for contributing in my life, good or bad experience happen to me, and thank you God, for providing the good and bad people so I can always learn from them. I'm sorry if I can't fulfill the best everyone expect from me. Let's hope we will meet again in a better place and condition.

So, Palembang.. here we go.

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