I'm a Zombie!

Lately I've been busy, yeah, busy to recover for my very first pox (measles, varicella). And you know what, I had dreamed about this, a day before the disease came. Uhm, it might be a coincidence but at the day, I was surfing through one of my favorite website, doodlersanonymous and find this zombie article. Actually we Indonesian didn't have any tale about zombie stuff so we shouldn't likely scared to them but the pictures I saw there were so damn creepy, spooky, and believe it or not, I had a quite insomnia in the night. And then I dreamed about myself turned into a gross-faced zombie, with orange poxes and bumps and scratched skin. Oh I really hate this and I couldn't erase that picture for 2 days afterwards! And so it happened. I got my very first pox, and it's been invading everywhere, even my face! My, my, how could I go out like this? I even wear my mask and big glasses every time I out from my own room. It was too disgusting. It was like a dream (that zombie-faced dream) came true. Of course my face doesn't look that zombie-ish. But still, every time I see the mirror, I was like, oh my God, is that really me? Well well, I think I won't tell you the whole story right now. Maybe you'll be bothered to read this because once again, this is very disgusting. But everyone must experience this disease in order to be immune from the pox. You know, for a pox case, it's always better late than never. So I really envy to you who has experienced this when you're still a lil' kid. You won't be this ashamed or annoyed, right? Write to you later (after I recover) and beware of pox!
This is the zombie-faced me from my dream, NOT me with my pox-face.

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