View from the Top

I always having trouble in putting the right color with the right technique to my sketch. For years, I was just happy to make a black and white sketch, didn't bothered with the color or how did I put it to finish. So here I tried to make that type of sketch, again. (Sorry for the blurry image, didn't scan it properly).
That is the place where I used to live and if you ask, the place is exactly looked like this. The long stairs, high foundation everywhere, a little far from the road and so many trees around. It looks like wood or something (my friends used to mock about this). No, I'm not ashamed. I'm quite proud with this place. I love trees, really love them and thanks God my place is surrounding by them.


  1. This is a super fun illustration! It looks like a wonderful place to live :)

  2. This is beautiful! And I love that it's black and white!

  3. getting artsier and artsier!!!
    while me still do tasks and volunteering.. T_T
    *bener2 butuh recARTge


WOW Thank you!