Monday, October 24, 2011

Varicella part 1

Today I intend to write a post about my chicken pox, just in these images. I have no intention to write much, so these are what's describe me best today.

Go to see the doctor with mask and big-glasses.
Lay down all day in my bed because my body is so itchy.

I want to take a bath!


  1. get well very soon, ya :) ray juga baru kena cacar air, tp dia udah sembuh 2 minggu lalu. aku dulu sempet kena dan butuh waktu 3 minggu untuk sembuh dan 1 bulan untuk masuk sekolah, hehehe, cacar air terlama di dunia kayanya :p
    jangan ada yg pecah ya, pasti deh cepet sembuh ;)

  2. the illustrations are pretty awesome and get well soon!!

    One week till my giveaway ends so check it out :)


  3. Your drawings are great! You got Chicken Pox? Too bad... Hope you get well soon!!

  4. Unique illustration, are you an art student?


WOW Thank you!