Goodbye my Lovely Burden!

I once posted about the wedding awards, kind of certificate, I have made for the two newly weds mates, here. Well, they finally sent, with myself as courier. Pretty pathetic but we've got short in budget to send it via post mail etc., that's why I was the one who took the responsibility to assure the awards reached my two friends safely. Hufft..that's really a relieve when it's finally done. Finally I'm free! (holding a big responsibility is really a big burden and a tough job, especially for a procrastinator like me.duh!)
Indah (we're from the same college but different department)
Yani, found her at the Hospital (actually she works there)

Oh and I also want to say my deepest condolences for the great man behind Apple Inc., the passed away Steve Jobs. Thanks for making something so great and literally change the world with your little Apple. May you rest in peace.:')

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