Happy Global Handwashing Day!

Although it's already a bit late to say this but.. Happy Global Handwashing Day! Remember about Coli bacterial (yes, that Coli. The one which is circulated in our intestines) which has spread in UK lately? It was said that one per six cell phone in there was contaminated with that bacteria (source). I hope everyone with the disease is no longer infected and that's why we have to keep ourselves, especially our hands, clean and healthy.

I once made this comic, 2 pages with guides for kids to keep healthy and immune. It was a project from my friend who is studied in nurse faculty to socialize the subject to kids. At the time, I knew nothing about how to make a children illustration so I just came with this. (everything was written in Bahasa Indonesia, but the picture is quite obvious)

I didn't edit those images, because once the comic had done, everything was saved by my friend. And oh if you need this image to, maybe, introduce how to be healthy (basically) to your kids or younger bros/sisters, you can ask me for the better quality image. It's quite crowded to be read by kids but I hope it'll be useful. Check Global Handwashing website for more information.

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