Introducing Cakka

It's been a month since Sebi has died. She's our lovely pet despite her grouchiness or cruelness and so on. So we thought it's time to adopt another pet (or cat), and fortunately we got this male cat, a very huge one, he's a gift from a cousin. His name is Cakka, because he likes to scratch so much (scratch = cakar from bahasa Indonesia). Actually I don't know much about breed or race, but after some googling and searching, I think Cakka is a Maine Coon, or somewhat descendant of it. Anyway, here's Cakka, he said hello to y'all. :)
Cakka says Hello!


  1. blognya bagus, gambar2nya apalagi, bagus bangeeet.. :)

    followed u back dear :)

  2. hi, i was read your comment ! im very happy if my photo can be inspiration for you :)and i cant wait see a result your a Bali-dressed sketched on me :D .



WOW Thank you!