First Day First

Because I always brag about my moving to Palembang, some of you might wondering how do I endure my first day? Okay, this blog has no many readers but whatever, I've got to say what I have to say, right?

So, last Tuesday I took flight from Padang to Palembang, via Jakarta. They ran out of tickets so I've got the last flight on the night. I've finished my packing thing just 3 hours before departing. I've already order the cab, and getting ready while my friend called me and said he will drop me to the airport. Whoa, this was unexpected. So I canceled the cab and accepted the offer. And then after doing so many errands: bought the gifts for my new colleagues-to-be, posting some of my excess baggage, and bought my friends the lunch, we went to the airport.

Everything was fine and the airplane got a 15' delayed but I arrived in Sultan Badaruddin II Palembang safely. Two of my friends had waited me there and then they dropped me to the hotel. It was eleven in the night and I was very exhausted. But tomorrow is the day so I have to sleep!

The day I dropped to the hotel from the airport, my friends had told me that they couldn't promise me to fetch me to the work place due to their late-wake-up habit. I was said, uh, okay, but I didn't think that they would late, like, seriously! I texted, called, and everything but God they were a heavy sleeper. Okay then. So when I was done waiting, it was half past six (and they told me that they will be a traffic jam due to some of high way constructions and stuff) and I was overwhelmed by that because I hadn't have visit the workplace yet - yes this was the first time! So I couldn't certain of how long or how far the place was and the only thing I've got in mind was: I can't be late on my first day. And then I took a cab (thank God they have the Bluebird taxi here!) and it came faster then I thought. Which was also, faster to arrive to the workplace. Which was mean, I arrived too soon. Duh!

Fortunately every department front door of the building has its own name tag on it. So here we came, my office is in the corner of the second floor of the building. And by corner, I mean, very corner-y. It was a little dark there (my friend said the room is quite spooky). And then I found this janitor, and ask him is that really the place? Which was obvious because we sure could see the name tag on the front door (come on, I just want to pick up an introductory line, lol). He let me to come in and as I saw the place, it was quite big - bigger than I think, if it depends on the Medan office. It has six partition, separated by wood panel, and three bigger partitions that named as "senior analyst", "meeting room", and "manager" office. Uh, okay. So I sneaked around and everyone hasn't come yet so I decided to go to another room to introduce myself and do some of administration procedures. Heck it was only a few people there. It was still 6:55 and the office was still empty.
A peek view of my new room. Psst I'm gonna pimp it!
I did a chit-chat a little with the people there and then back to my department. So I saw my manager has came. I introduced myself although he has already know my arrival. I was amazed because he was younger than I thought (later on I was told that my new boss was only 33!). A little introduction and briefing and jibber-jabber, and then I was introduced to everyone in the room. I got acquaintance very quickly with almost everyone on that day but I must say some of them were pretty serious while doing their job and I got a little bored and lonely. So I escaped the room and decided to enter every door and introduce myself to everyone (I also surprised how much I was excited to meet everyone! A little socialization doesn't hurt, because I can shut myself up after working hours lol).

I was thrilled! But fortunately, my friends (the ones that fetched me in the day before) were in the different division so I got a help in introducing-y thing. But heck I realized that they have so many co workers! I could only remember less of them. (and I myself will annoyed if someone forgotten my name, so I was like, is this karma?!) Okay then I had a little walking around and entered a toilet. Maybe that was an awkward day because in the toilet, I tried to pull the faucet's valve and unfortunately, I pulled it wrong so the shower was turned on and wet me from head to waist. I was soaked.

I mean, really!

I was like, okay, this is my first day and every bad things happened is not a bad sign. Sigh. I ran to my room and took a lot of tissues to dry myself for they have no towel. Aaarrgghhh it was very embarrassing!

And then in the evening my friends helped me to find a room to rent. They introduced me to more of co workers (the most likely to be friended by me). Oh I love this. Young fellas. And more girls to hang out with. It took a little long time to decide which place I have to choose for staying in this city. You know every place has its own issue. But if we care too much about the issue, we'll end up having nothing. I concluded that the most general issue was the security factor. My room-to-be has the greater security handling effort so I decided to choose it. Well today I still stay in the hotel and tomorrow I'll move to the place. I'll update about the rented room next time. Oh and my baggage have sent by my friend in Padang I couldn't thank him enough for the trouble. But alhamdulillah.

So.. how was my first day in Palembang? I must say, not bad, it's only awkward. And being awkward is great.

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