2013 in a Wrap

This is a late post of my kaleidoscope of 2013. but well, better late than never, right?

2013 for me is a very strange year. It's my first year as a full time employee in my office, and what makes it so strange is I switch my job position like three times. If you're new here, then you'll be wondering if my boss didn't like me that much so I've set to different places. You can speculate your assumption, whatever. Hehe. But since I've got so many experiences with the places I've traveled and people I met, well everything has paid.

Well as I always say, picture speaks thousand words. So here are everything I got (uh oh not everything because sometimes I forgot taking pictures!) during 2013:

P.S: This is a very long post and so many pictures below. Enjoy!

Medan is my first designated working place and Bukit Lawang is my first travelling destination. Uhm, did I ever mentioned that I am not into travelling because it's too bothersome? Yeah, I'm that kind of anti social - or just lazy (lol). So I was so sheltered as a kid and my family hardly ever travel to anywhere. The furthest place we've ever visit was Dunia Fantasi - Ancol, Jakarta (it is only 211 KMs from my hometown) when I was still in middle school. Okay so you can read my Bukit Lawang adventure, here.

One of the advantages being in a national company (means, we have offices all over Indonesia) is that there are so many business trip opportunity. This trip here means national meeting, special workshop, up skilling, training, etc. So my first business trip destination was Bandung. Yeah, Bandung! The very place that I was born and it was the closest place to my hometown, Sumedang. So I used the opportunity to meet my friends in Bandung. Chuwie, my high school mate even joined me to sleep over in the hotel I sleep. What a great girls night out!

Yeah, I was in charge of the safety festival month and the event wasn't so successful but I was honored being trusted to lead.

Took another reunion - this time with the BPS girls! I've told you that the 7 girls of BPS M&T Batch II 2011, are posted in Jakarta except for me and Astanti who was placed in Medan.

My first attempt to Palembang was superb! We had this mandatory fire fighting training and we set everything up so everyone (most of us from the BPS M&T Batch II 2011 team) joined it on the same date. We've got a lot of fun, we visit some places including Jakabaring Stadium (the stadium in which the Sea Games was held!), Ampera Bridge view, and Martabak Har (one of the famous culinary food of Palembang besides empek-empek). And we also made a crazy Harlem shake video!

Just a week before I moved to Padang (yeah! this was the second switch of my position, and they sent me to West Sumatera), we have this failed-surprise party for Rizki, one of our friends. It was failed because when we were just getting ready for the thing, Rizki was all of sudden bump into us and he was just staring innocently. Haha that was an embarasing moment but for me it was the last time we had dinner together (we have this clique called "pinky residence" and "IT Cemara", a bunch of people that working in Medan office, most of us was the IT guys) before my moving.

It was only a week after my moving to Padang and I got another HSE training, it was called Ahli K3 Umum for two weeks long. It was super fun, despite my lack of knowledge of general safety (come on, I was supposed to be a scientist, right? So I was lack of both experiences and technical knowledge that crucial to be an HSE worker) but I met a lot of people, from different division all over Indonesia - we even still in touch until now.

Yes my workplace is so far away from my hometown but I don't care, I go home like every month. And we have a lot of outing together.

This was my first hijabers class attend with my first friend in my home in Padang. Yeah, I'm not a typical hijabers, and I wear hijab with ordinary style.

I am a full time employee but I live alone in a quite big home my company provided. Since this was the first time I live by myself in a home (I used to live in a rented room, not a house), so I documented everything. I cook in a very odd way (as can be seen here), but it was quite a good experience to me to learn to be independent. I didn't go out much in Padang, instead I used my weekends as my cooking and illustrating time - okay, with DVD-ing time, too. Super fun for a homey girl like me.

I used my leisure-days to go to Taman Bunga Nusantara - Cianjur with my family in June. My sister-in-law just lost her baby, means I was lost my very first niece and it was my attempt to make them smile again - it was not really worked, though, because come on, it was their first baby! Well, my mom is a huge fan of flowers and plants so bringing her to this place was a right choice.

Wedding was everywhere! My college-best-friends were getting married one by one. I am so happy for everyone who is finally tied the knot. To me, attending my friend's wedding invitation is not only an obligation as a Moslem but also I love meeting my friends, especially the ones that hardly meet with me so we can foster our relationship. And FYI, I'm a huge fan of wedding, I mean, seeing the decorations, the wedding gowns, the bride and the groom seeing each other with lovey dovey feeling, and their family excitement at that moment is priceless. I think this is like a family gene thing. My mom owns a small wedding organizer and she's indeed love this marriage-y thing as well.

This is my first travelling destination in Padang. Yeah, finally after two months I decided to join my office-mate to go to Bukittinggi. The place is so beautiful, and the temperature is as cool as Bandung!

Another wedding! But this was the Minang style - really my first time attending this kind of wedding culture. I was so stoked! Everything was red and I bet the crown (what should I call it?) on the bride's head was heavy.

In November I finally took my parents to Padang. They stayed here for a week, and in the weekends we went to take a long trip around West Sumatera. We went to Solok, and then the Lake Diateh, Lake Singkarak, Bukittinggi, Istana Baso Pagaruyung (this was where I convinced my parents to wear Minangese special outfit lol), Bukittinggi, and Lake Maninjau. My parents got so excited and even printed all of the photos taken.

And this one is probably the latest picture of me with Teluk Kabung office fellas. This photo was taken when we have this lunch on the beach. So fantastic.

The last day of 2013 was ended as I accepted the mutation letter, that has been detained by my boss for almost three months! Now I'm relieved, because my status is finally cleared. I'll have a new position in Palembang, and will be moved there not longer than two weeks from now. This letter is really a sweet ending of my 2013 year. I hope, and always pray for the best for me and my family.

Well, I also visit Lhokseumawe, Ser Belawan, Surabaya, Pulau Baai, Pekanbaru, Pesisir Selatan, and Kebumen (Ohmygosh I have to write about Kebumen whenever I get the mood, because my adventure here was superb!). Everything was my business trip destination. Like I said, I didn't travel for pleasure. But someday I will challenge myself to go abroad. I still haven't got my passport (duh!) whilst everyone has traveled to Singapore and Malaysia! Okay, there will be time! You can see my traveled places check-in, here.
The image is retrieved from 4sq.

WELCOME 2014!! Please be kind to me.

And.. I have to start to pack my things (I got a bunch of stuff here! err..) so until next time and thank you for reading! ;)

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