Sketching The Way You Sketch

Lately I saw the artworks of Thomas Chian in Doodlers Anonymous web and suddenly have this de ja vu feeling. I also love to draw something like that while I'm bored. I compiled them somewhere I forgot but I still have one or two. I must tell you that I really love the water color illustration because I haven't mastered the technique yet! And let me introduce you some of the artworks of Thomas Chian, my newest favourite inspiration.

Here's what I've made (but this one is a little unfinished):

Well this was how I used to make my sketches back in my Padang house. I admit I miss it a little. Now I'm being over worried. The fact that I posted the luggage via Pos makes me very worried because I'll have it in 7 days. Isn't it too long for I know that Padang to Palembang is only 700 KMs and can be reached 14 hours at least? Okay let's pray that my luggage will arrive safely. Amen.

So I finally decided to rent this room, a so called "syari'ah boarding house", placed only 100 meters from the office. This house only available for girls. The only guy that is allowed to live here is the janitor's husband that has job to guard the house and do maintenance stuff. This rental house is a little strict to the rules they even have their own gazebo to accept guests and a little musalah so if you have guys visit they don't have to come in to the house. It is indeed brilliant. I always want to live in a girl dorms. You know I wear hijab and living in a mixed guys-girls house will create accidental events like when a guy accidentally seeing you without your hijab or anything alike (trust me, this thing happens). So this place fits me best.

Looks nice and peaceful.
Well, I hope I'll enjoy staying here. The environment looks great and quiet. I still haven't figured everything out like where the mini market is, or where do I have to buy appliances, etc. Yeah I still in the process of adjusting my current life. Let's hope everything will be fine.

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