Palasara Kid

Pangeran Palasara merawat burung di atas kepalanya.
(Prince Palasara tends a bird on his head).
Pencil color and marker on plain paper, finalized with Photoshop.
That is a part of an Indonesia's fairy tales (for your curiosity, you can simply click this to know the story but it's in Bahasa Indonesia..sorry!) fragment I used to see on the narration of a milk ad when I was a kid. As I got so inspired and a bit tickled by the impossible premise (come on, who's gonna keep a bird on the head?), so then I drew this kid, with a pinch of dirt on his head. But instead of keeping a bird, he is apparently surprised himself with a fairy appearing from the small bush on his head! Weird, I know. But I think it's quite fit with this weeks' topic of IF: disguise. Happy illustrating! :)

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