Palasara Kid

Pangeran Palasara merawat burung di atas kepalanya.
(Prince Palasara tends a bird on his head).
Pencil color and marker on plain paper, finalized with Photoshop.
That is a part of an Indonesia's fairy tales (for your curiosity, you can simply click this to know the story but it's in Bahasa Indonesia..sorry!) fragment I used to see on the narration of a milk ad when I was a kid. As I got so inspired and a bit tickled by the impossible premise (come on, who's gonna keep a bird on the head?), so then I drew this kid, with a pinch of dirt on his head. But instead of keeping a bird, he is apparently surprised himself with a fairy appearing from the small bush on his head! Weird, I know. But I think it's quite fit with this weeks' topic of IF: disguise. Happy illustrating! :)



A bahasa Indonesia post, finally..

Mari bernostalgia sedikit. Inget 'gak sih waktu sekolah dulu? Misalnya pas SD. Masih seragaman putih-merah. Bayangin anak kelas I SD yang masih cupu, masih dianter orang tua, bahkan masih manja. Baju seragam aja udah gak karu-karuan dengan noda jajanan dan (kadang) ingus (hehe). Kelas II, baju rada bersihan dikit, tapi masih cupu. Kelas III, IV dan V, masih jadi anak cupu tapi baju udah bersihan. Yang cewek mulai jadi keliatan lebih tinggi dari cowok. Terus kelas VI, tau-tau rasanya anak kelas I atau II itu terlihat sangat bocah dan kita bete liatnya. Semacam, "ya ampun tu bocah males banget ya tumpahan jajanan dimana-mana". Pokoknya jadi senior itu berkah, apalagi mulai kelas VI itu mulai rada-rada saling taksir-taksiran dengan teman (hehe).
That sight.
Lalu tibalah saat masuk SMP. Yup, kita jadi kelas I lagi. Artinya, jadi junior lagi. Tiba-tiba rasa "belagu" waktu kelas VI itu nguap. Kenapa? Karena kita jadi yang paling kecil lagi. Di atas kita masih ada kelas II dan III. Rasanya jadi cupu lagi, walaupun 'gak ada noda tumpahan makanan di baju tapi di antara manusia-manusia yang menjelang akil baligh itu, kita jadi anak ingusan (hey! de ja vu dengan cerita Diary of A Wimpy Kid 'kan?). Begitu seterusnya sampe kita kelas III SMP jadi senior lagi, lalu masuk SMA jadi junior lagi, dsb. Enak kayaknya jadi anak kelas II. Gak perlu ada rasa-rasa kayak gitu, iya 'kan?


Ini sebenernya sebuah refleksi. Dalam hidup kita gak pernah stagnan di atas. Selalu ada masa jadi junior, lalu jadi senior, lalu jadi junior lagi, dan seterusnya. Kayak roda. Kayak siklus. Dunia kerja apalagi.


Shockingly Sherlocked

When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
Sherlock. Pen on paper, touched with Photoshop.
This famous quotes I first found in the Detective Conan manga series was suddenly appeared again in one of the most anticipated serial nowadays: Sherlock on BBC. I blamed myself for not letting my best friend, Azizah, when she tried to persuade me to watch the serial in 2010. That day I got an issue with detective stories, I once liked it very much until I entered high school and one particular event changed my life and made me stop liking any of it. Besides, I didn't get into trends. But last week when I accidentally stumbled upon the first season DVDs I have since a very long time, yeah, A Study In Pink, I suddenly became shockingly "sherlocked"!


Sketching The Way You Sketch

Lately I saw the artworks of Thomas Chian in Doodlers Anonymous web and suddenly have this de ja vu feeling. I also love to draw something like that while I'm bored. I compiled them somewhere I forgot but I still have one or two. I must tell you that I really love the water color illustration because I haven't mastered the technique yet! And let me introduce you some of the artworks of Thomas Chian, my newest favourite inspiration.

Here's what I've made (but this one is a little unfinished):


First Day First

Because I always brag about my moving to Palembang, some of you might wondering how do I endure my first day? Okay, this blog has no many readers but whatever, I've got to say what I have to say, right?

So, last Tuesday I took flight from Padang to Palembang, via Jakarta. They ran out of tickets so I've got the last flight on the night. I've finished my packing thing just 3 hours before departing. I've already order the cab, and getting ready while my friend called me and said he will drop me to the airport. Whoa, this was unexpected. So I canceled the cab and accepted the offer. And then after doing so many errands: bought the gifts for my new colleagues-to-be, posting some of my excess baggage, and bought my friends the lunch, we went to the airport.

Everything was fine and the airplane got a 15' delayed but I arrived in Sultan Badaruddin II Palembang safely. Two of my friends had waited me there and then they dropped me to the hotel. It was eleven in the night and I was very exhausted. But tomorrow is the day so I have to sleep!


The Mourning Bay in a Glimpse

Apparently yesterday is my last day of work in Teluk Kabung (I translate it as "The Mourning Bay", but perhaps it's not that suitable lol). The night after, we had this farewell party held by my office mates in a nice and small caffe called Palanta Roemah Kajoe. Did I ever mention that I don't like farewell party or anything alike? (now you know that I have SO MUCH stuff that I dislike -_-). I'm not good with socialization and also hate to do a fake thing as a good-kind-hearted girl because that makes me feel very awkward. Yeah. I'm that kind of creature.

Teluk Kabung

The Mourning Bay is the name of the place as I made fun of its original name because of the surprising fact of my sudden mutation in the late of March 2013. The original name is Teluk Kabung and if you translate it literally it's indeed fit with the English name: The Mourning Bay (Teluk means Bay and Kabung means Mourn). I don't know why the place is named with that sad phrase but let's not talk about that thing. So the first reaction I got when I heard about my mutation that day was, I was upset. Okay I have predicted this mutation, I mean, I wasn't put in a right place from the beginning for God-knows-what reason, but I never have any idea that the place is The Mourning Bay. I've been told sarcastically about how dangerous and anarchy and vandalism and everything-bad the place was. Even one of my friends that seems to be placed in a dangerous area (according to his constant whining and complaining about the place) told me that he was okay because his area isn't that bad compared to The Mourning Bay. And I was like, WHAT?!



Day fifth of 2014. I was done packing 60% of my stuff and currently am thinking about the gift(s) I should wrap for farewell presents. What I will give them? Well, as I haven't bored yet talking about my last year, I suddenly realize what is my biggest and fatal-est flaw during 2013 (actually, it's my whole life fatal flaw). And as I've seen this word on ANTM Season 20 (yeah! I'm into that kind of dull thing), I decided to make it as my big topic.

Flaw plus awesome = flawsome!

(From here, I'll write in Bahasa Indonesia. Sorry!)

Karena terlanjur keduluan nge-post mengenai "perjuangan" saya dan dua orang teman ke Kebumen (as promised in my latest post), well saya tidak akan menceritakan keseluruhan kisah tersebut. Basi juga kalau dibahas di sini lagi, so bagi yang penasaran, silakan meluncur ke blog teman saya, di sini. Anggap aja ini adalah kisah epilognya. Kenapa? Setelah stasiun Pasar Senen, kami kembali ke tempat masing-masing. Satu orang ke Kramat, satu orang ke Johar Baru, dan saya, yup, ke Soetta. Jadi, ini kisah saya. Hehe.


2013 in a Wrap

This is a late post of my kaleidoscope of 2013. but well, better late than never, right?

2013 for me is a very strange year. It's my first year as a full time employee in my office, and what makes it so strange is I switch my job position like three times. If you're new here, then you'll be wondering if my boss didn't like me that much so I've set to different places. You can speculate your assumption, whatever. Hehe. But since I've got so many experiences with the places I've traveled and people I met, well everything has paid.

Well as I always say, picture speaks thousand words. So here are everything I got (uh oh not everything because sometimes I forgot taking pictures!) during 2013:

P.S: This is a very long post and so many pictures below. Enjoy!


If Happiness and Grief Should Be Combined

So, yeah, I'm 24 now. And it's like an obligation for me to write about my last year and resolution and whatsoever similar, on the 3rd of January, right on my birth day. But today is not the happiest day of my life since yesterday my Grandma has passed away. It's quite a surprise because the one who has been sick is my Grandpa, not her. And she was just suddenly left us. Yeah, it's that sudden and what a surprise - I really don't like surprises and heck this is an ugly one. 

Image Source
From now on, I'll remember my birth date as my Grandma's funeral date, too. :(

The last time I met her like, two weeks ago when I took my first leisure day-off, she asked my mother about my marriage plan. I refused to answer it because well, I hasn't plan any (a note: I don't talk about my private life in this blog). It's a common question for girls my age and I don't really bothered. What really bothered me is, when people keep talking about "that plan" whilst they passed away like one by one. It really is a grief. Back to the topic, so my Grandma, she's my father's mom. My elementary school is just in front of her little shop. I used to visit her in my break time, along with my childhood friend, and my cousins. We used to sleep over in her house and listen to the stories my Grandpa told us. She spoiled us all, especially me. We have a lot of similarities. I even imagine myself as her when I grow very old. Yeah, we're that similar.

But now she's passed away. Today is her funeral and I can't make it to attend. As you know that I live in Padang, and my hometown is Sumedang, and I have to take flight to Bandung or Jakarta to get there. The time is just not enough to make it. It's so hurt when I call my father and hear his shaking voice and told me to calm. Instead, I was upset. And the reason I was upset is confusing, is it because: I can't make it to her funeral, I didn't get to see her for the last time, or the fact that my birth day is ruined?

By the way, last December I got so many dreadful (did I say dreadful?) experiences. I won't tell you everything but my carelessness was finally caught me. So my resolution to 2014 is, to be least careless and minimize my rush-ness behavior. Uh, I don't know. I can't really write anything useful right now because of my grief. Well thank you for all your kind attention to congratulate and pray me. You don't know how much it means to me. And please, please, send my Grandma your prayer too. Today is my birthday, but also my Grandma's funeral. So you're gonna pray us both. Thank you again for reading this. :)

P.S: Don't worry, I didn't write this during my work hour, everyone here is doing our aerobic activity and since I'm not in the mood to do it, I wrote this super quick post. Thanks.