Owl to Blab

I mentioned earlier that I want an owl for a pet. Why owl? Because they are so iconic. You can find so much shops or alias with owl on their logo. But you know, owl is a prey bird! They eat another animals (smaller ones) and a great predator. Pretty much like a cat. Also, Sebi, my previous cat somehow looks like an owl. She has big eyes with black bold eyeliner on it. Uhm..I think cats and owls do have a lot in common. They are great in hunting and so quiet when doing it.


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But how could I hug or snuggle them like I used to do to my cats? Uh, surely I have to think again about this.

Well, anyway, since I haven't got any owl yet, I Google-ed some owl pictures and pick one to draw. Not quite satisfied with the result (as every-artist always say, they're all perfectionists) but here is the best I can do for now.

Mr. Owl

I used water color in an A3 sketch book paper. The picture was taken by my camera cell-phone and the final pict was touched by Photoshop CS2 (I adjusted the lighting and texture to get a finer color).

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