Bye Sebi!

Did I mention that Sebi, my pregnant cat, has already passed away? Well I'm still coping, die trying, I must say. But you know, life goes on. It still gives me a chill and traumatic experience to seek another pets but I guess I want an owl, or owlett for my next pet. I don't know how many years you could spend with an owl, as pets have less age than us human. And I don't really like to lose 'em, like what happened to that Sebi. But I am a pet lover kind, so I want to adopt some more. Maybe I'll blab about this owl thing later.


By the way, this is the last Sebi's picture I took before her leave.
Sebi's last pic.:(

I don't know why she pulled her own daughter (the one she bites on her neck) like the kid was a newly born baby. That was sad. I think Sebi thought that the kitten has born as that big daughter since her babies didn't come out. :(. Why couldn't she remember how old her daughter was?

Sebi's daughter. Her name is Saechan, 8 months old and IS pregnant,too.
I hope Saechan doesn't have to experience the very same thing like Sebi had. This is her first pregnancy and I wish she give her babies birth safely.

So, goodbye Sebi. Thanks for being my cat for past 2 years, and always with me while I was down. I will never forget you. :')

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  1. Hello Dewi,
    I am so very sorry about your Sebi. It is so sad to lose a beloved cat. We love our pets so much and that big love leads to big sorrow when they leave. Also, thank you for your kind comment on my blog. Btw, I love the drawing that you did on your previous post of Sebi sleeping. It is truly beautiful! -Elizabeth


WOW Thank you!