Depression turns into doodles

This is kind of funny story (like the title of the movie itself), because when a 16 years old boy admitted that he was depressed and asked to get into a kinda mental hospital, he finally knew what his big potential was, doodling. So the story, in short, is about that boy, who's so depressed so he tried to commit suicide. The problem is, that boy didn't really understand what exactly his problem. He didn't know what really bothered him so he was depressed. He said it was about her girl crush, who was stolen by his own bestfriend. But in the other chance, he said it was about his confusion to get or not to a summer school (sorta) which was said will decide how his future is gonna be. FYI, this movie is based on a novel by Ned Vizzini with the same title.
This image borrowed from the IMDB website.
I won't talk too much about the story but it gave a kinda nostalgic feeling. Back then, I was only 16 and also a little depressed, because I didn't know how to decide which college did I had to enter. You know I love drawing. I love arts, very much. But there are not many parents approve their kids who want to enter that kind of college. Neither is mine. They said, being an artist won't make you rich. I gave up that time. So here I am, suddenly realized that I am graduated from chemistry department (I don't remember exactly who told me to choose this department?) and a little regret about how things happened.

What I learn from this irreversible moment is, you have choices, but when you feel like you make a wrong decision, it'll be up to you whether to give up with many regrets, or survive and try to chase your it-should-be-chosen-back-then dream from the very beginning. It'll never be too late to start anything over - you still own your life after all.

Here are some artworks - doodles - the boy from the film has made. They are very adorable.
He used water color and pencil. Finally I learn how to color your doodles by using water color lol. I made an update for this post, you know I was very curious about this man behind the gorgeous artwork, and so I found this blog, thanks to her I finally found that Brian Ducker is the masterpiece! So adorable pieces.


  1. I totally agree...it's never too late. I enjoyed reading this thoughtful post, Dewi! :)

  2. oh I have exactly the same experience! I love drawing too, but my parent didn't agree about taking aer najor in university, but I am still happy because I still continue drawing with passion in my spare time and my mom actually adore my drawing, hehe
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