Wedding Awards

Lately I've been busy making gifts for my newly weds fellows. Since they are my classmates back in our high school and we're only 17 (plus 7 who didn't graduate together), everyone aggreed to make some kind of certificate along with the wedding present. And guess what, I always take the task because all of my friends are busy doing their own business (some with works, others with college stuffs, others with laziness things :p). I wonder who'll make this certificate for me when I get married? Most importantly, what number is my rank at that time (since I'm only 21 right now)? Haha, well check these out:

For Yani.
For Indah.
The first one was made by hand illustration technique, colored and modified using Photoshop 7, and finalized with Corel Draw 12 (for the best printing result). The rest was made fully using my Corel Draw 12 programs. Forgive me for the small fonts because we plan to print it on A3 big photo paper. Besides, it was written in Sundanese languages lol. I still haven't got everything printed yet, maybe I'll do it tomorrow. Digital drawing always need plenty efforts you know, and right now I'm so tired. So next time I'll post the snapshots and the printed pics. I hope they'll happy to receive those gifts.

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  1. post jugaa ur 1st n 2nd masterpiece of wedding certificate-nya doonk :)
    hhi. insyaAlloh we'll take care about yours, meski gakkan se-artsy dirimu.. tapi maksimal deh :p
    thanks hon for being my inspiring artist :)


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