Jump to The Reality

IF's theme this week is about "boundaries". So I decided to draw something related to my own (or everyone elses have) boundaries: the one between dream and reality. Sometimes we choose to live our dream (literally dream) so we forget to wake up and make that dream come true. After all, we need the reality to live that dream.

Owl City said on his twitter account:

"Reality is a nice place but I wouldn't want to live there".

But there's no life without the reality. That's what I thought.

Jump to the reality.
Media: HVS 160 gsm
Tools: HB Pencil, Markers, Ink
Finishing: Brightness-Contrast adjustment w/ Photoshop CS2.


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  2. wake up girl, sometimes there is a bad dream chu..

  3. Very true! You have to get over that fence and step into reality, otherwise life goes by in a dream. Nicely done.


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