Another Alice's in Progress

Lately I've been thinking to finish my never-ending-yet Alice's picture. Yeah, I made it using my pen like months ago and scanned it so I can finish it with my Photoshop. But I stuck for a while, you know, artistic block thing. I hope I could finish this picture before my job training (yes, I'm not an unemployed anymore!lol) is began.
an unfinished Alice's picture.
No wonder I've got no time to make something artsy because I spend my time mostly by playing some PC  games and of course, blog-walking.

Anyway, I found about this indie-pop band, not really a new band, but it's the first time I heard their songs and totally in love. Here's The Perishers, from Sweden. Sway and Pills are my favorite. I repeat it over and over again and still in love.

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  1. so many things I like about your blog, dewi. your illustrations are excellent and we have such similar taste. your alice piece is wonderful. i never knew that there were sleepy hollow and alice in wonderland videogames. can't wait to read more. thanks for following me : )


WOW Thank you!