Picture from my Junior High School

When I was in junior high school, I used to make pictures using my pastel color. But sometimes I used my pencil color and really enjoyed it, even until now. So back then I used to switch my habit from pastel-type to color pencil-type. By the way, since we got no yearbook of our alma mater, and our together photos were always incomplete in member, it's my initiative that we made our self-album, by hand-made and put our name into each drawing. They were made using my pencil color. So, here they are:

Boys got their poses.
Girls from my class.
Not quite alike with the truth since it was made in cartoon-ic style, but they were quite happy to see it. I put my close friends on the front. And if you're curious why was there a pict with stroke on it, in the second picture above, it was because I had a fight with her at the moment. But I've older now so when we accidentally met yesterday, we pretended that nothing happened back then and we had a light chit-chat. I mean, it's been 7 years so it'll be better if we pretend that there was nothing. Beside, I have forgiven her, so I think the case is closed then.

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