Pray for Sebi

Sebi is my cat. She's 3 years old and now she's pregnant. I think she has 5 or 6 kittens in her uterus but due to her oldness, she has difficulties to give birth her babies.

Sebi in action part 1
Sebi in action part 2
Several weeks ago, I made her picture while she was sleeping on the chair (as she used to do everyday) and it was quite good. Here's the pict and the drawing.
Sebi sleeping style
My drawing for Sebi
Not mentioning about the drawing but..what I want to say now is,

Please help me pray for Sebi.

She's old but I think she doesn't have to suffer this pain because of difficulties in giving birth her babies. No wonder, if her time has to come today or tomorrow or whenever, I'll try to cope. I couldn't be more sad. She's old. Her suffering is so unbearable. It reminds me of my previous cat, Echie, who's also died because of pregnancy. Right now she's sleeping on her birthing box, try to give birth the babies although she hasn't succeed yet. Uh, I can't write more. I'm too sad right now. Pray for Sebi. :'(


  1. Sebi is definitely in my prayers. :(
    the best of luck to her

  2. Thanks Elle, that means a lot to me. But now Sebi is passed away. I'm coping right now.:')


WOW Thank you!