The "Quit"

Today I attended this "gala dinner" with some of my colleagues at work in a caffe near Dago Atas, Bandung. The big boss also came. Some of them brought their families along. There were a lot of foreign faces of husband and wives, and some of mini-mes faces told me who's belong to who lol. You know, even though it wasn't like a party or something, semi-formal event needs extra attention here and there. The outfit, the cliques, the seat (where you seat also determine how you will "survive" the event)! Also the "trying-to-be-invisible-but-still-has-to-be-visible-and-friendly-enough-to-avoid-negative-impression" act to be kept. For me that is the most important thing in an event like this lol.

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I am not a good schmoozer or something alike. I felt a little nervous because I am socially awkward especially at times like this. But I met some of my mentors during my early stage of being an employee of the company. They are all nice and inspiring (I wrote this not because of one of my mentor will probably read this lol but it's true).

The event was also a farewell to one of my seniors who has resigned and decided to be a stay-at-home-mother. Shocking and I don't know, impressive.

First, I hate farewell. It's usually full of unnecessary drama and tears, tears, tears! Mellow :( But thank God that didn't happen. I actually felt sad, too, believe me.

Secondly, quitting your job was quite a tough decision. Life full of options and decisions. Saying "no" is hard enough, saying "quit" is like a horrible idea (this term only applied to me). I had a lot of "quit" thoughts in the past and none of them became reality lol. Like, thinking to quit being OSIS management in my middle school, quit that horrible class in high school, etc. None of them happened because I was too afraid to face the consequences if I was saying that "quit" word! So I think deciding to quit and having the courage to follow up that after-resignation-effect is quite a struggle, and I don't know, for me it is a brave thing to do.

They say "don't quit", "don't stop", or something alike. But for me, quitting is a tough job and if you brave enough to quit something to become something else better, I mean, why not? People have their own thoughts regarding "why quit" and "why stay" so I always hate it if others be like, "OMG she's being ridiculous quitting that job for one million people would kill to get it". Get over it. The possibilities are limitless as long as we can see the best in everything.

Source. Maybe it was easy, for me, not at all.

So then what happened after the dinner? Nothing. Just some of random thoughts hanging inside my head waiting to explode but I won't share them right now. Some thoughts are better left unspoken.

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